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Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to expand your online presence, it’s essential that each marketing channel of any marketing campaign is working towards the same final goal: reaching customers, profitably.

Take a look at the various digital marketing services our senior team members offer to learn how Ivy Digital Marketing’s unique, affordable, and high-touch approach to digital marketing can help your company.

Conversion Optimization

Having traffic on your website shouldn’t be your end goal. You need to make sure that your website traffic converts into profitable, loyal customers to get the most bang for your digital marketing buck.

Social Media Marketing

If you are not targeting social media for business, you will inevitably fail to address a large piece of the audience. We provide highly-effective social media strategies tailored for your business. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer relatively cheap ways of acquiring new customers, quickly!

Paid Search Management

Is optimizing your organic search, or SEO, becoming a problem for your business? Our SEO/PPC experts will devise the right strategies and keywords to make sure that your website ranks highly.

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I am a seasoned marketer with over 14 years of high-touch digital marketing experience (Amazon, IBM, Tableau, Ernst & Young, European Investment Bank) and a double-Ivy League education from Cornell and Yale. I launched Ivy Digital Marketing to share how to promote your business quickly and profitably. Armed with my background Ivy Digital Marketing has everything you need to tailor online marketing strategies for your business.

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I was very pleased with the website Ivy Digital helped design and managed. Thank you very much for your work in getting us to this point. The quality of work is great, with research that really validated our strategy. This is your strength.
Sanjay Singh
Ivy Digital Marketing gave me serveral amazing suggestions in the launch of my online retail store. These edits made my website more appealing to customers and enhanced its SEO. Hande is very insightful and has her finger on the pulse of the latest marketing strategies. I highly recommend Ivy Digital Marketing's services.
Jamie Goldberg
I highly admire Ivy Digital Marketing's dedicated, timely, and analytical approach to the work demonstrated for Andrew Jose hair salon. I am highly grateful for all the wonderful things Hande did in making us easier to find online and driving more foot-traffic to our business.
Natasha B.